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    Perfect Money is another trusted payment system. They felt that e-money was the future and so devised this system. Is…
    Obviously, financial dealing online need to be very secure. Many people get very concerned about making financial transactions online and this is why Perfect Money has a tight security system.The system is also very speedy.
    The Perfect System allows people to convert their funds in to electronic currencies very quickly and easily at good rates. It will therefore allow people to make transactions very quickly at a minimal cost. Their universal tool means that people can easily transact across the world, without the hassle of having to deal with different currencies.

    Customers are split in to three groups. The normal customer is a newly registered one who can use the system at the basic level. A premium customer will have to have been active for over a year and have turned over a minimum balance. They will have to apply for this status and if they are accepted, they will get lower commission fees. A partner will be able to get better business to business rates but have to be personally approved by Perfect Money. They are personal and business groups within each of these sections.

    In order to fund or withdraw from your Perfect Money account you will need to use one of a series of tools. You can use a wire transfer, use electronic currency or use one of their exchange partners to deal with the transaction for you. With all of these options available, it is easy to transfer money in and out of your Perfect Money account. Money held in a Personal Money account will attract interest

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